Diverse Voices in Theatre
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Diverse Voices in Theater
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Bringing multicultural theater to universities and schools, Another Country continues its dedication to the marriage of social justice, creativity and community-building.

Diverse Voices in Theater

Let Us Come Slam Your School!
Our Slams4Schools program offers students the opportunity to act & direct in six multicultural plays in a poetry slam format. After each play performs, scores are held up by 5 student judges as in the Olympics! The play with the highest score wins--and judges are held accountable by audience participation! By involving the students in the production, the goals of teaching tolerance are much more immediate. Another Country also provides educational topics for discussion around issues of tolerance and social justice as well as ongoing support for students as they work on the slam. A school slam often involves as many as 35 students in one event!

SLAMBoston, Diverse Voices in Theater, was developed by Another Country Production's Artistic Director Lyralen Kaye, winner of the Boston Women's Amazon Poetry Slam Finals. She wanted to create a fun, exciting format that blended the competition and surprise of a slam with a commitment to underrepresented voices in theater. The result was extraordinary: of the 26 slams produced between October of 2003 and November of 2010, 23 have been sellouts!

Now SLAMBoston is helping to create productions at colleges and high schools, offering student populations the opportunity to experience the blending of voices--mainstream, gay, lesbian, people of color, the disabled--in the format that has drawn so much attention in the Boston theater scene. Teachers are then invited to present educational curriculum about empowerment and oppression, so slams have immediate relevance to the lives or their students, increasing understanding and tolerance.

Devised Theatre 

Shows by and about Your Community

Lyralen Kaye and the staff of Another Country work with high schools, colleges and theatre groups to create innovative performances using original monologues (written or improvised by the actors), movement, multi-media and traditional scenes. The result is magical, moving, and often hilariously funny as actors and/or students create from their imaginations and experiences, as well as from whatever relevant topic the organization wishes to explore.

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