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Diverse Voices in Theater

“Mom, what if he’s not really dead?”
~ Mary Anne, (Annie) about her father

“When she dies, I’m dressing her as a dominatrix.”
~ Mary Theresa (Resa) about her mother

“Jesus was a feminist. He was friends with prostitutes.”
~ Mary Claire (Claire) in the Mary's
  Anonymous meeting

“I have a splitting headache... my sinuses... I probably have walking pneumonia.”
~ Maria, their mother

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Both irreverent and wrenching, THEY NAMED US MARY continues Another Country Productions’ commitment to underrepresented voices. The play tells the story of five Catholic sisters all named Mary who reunite at their father’s funeral to try to find a way to survive financially and as a family. Using many of the Irish conventions - corpse play, an ever-present coffin, the awareness of the metaphysical in every day life and, of course, alcohol, the play is a controversial examination of women’s lives, their relationship with traditional religious icons and how they deal with the basic question of who gets the money when Dad dies. “This play reveals the underpinnings of women's lives and the real challenges they face in a violent world. It's an important play for people to see,” says co-producer Wendy Payne. “I intermittently cried and laughed out loud the first time I read it.”

‘“They Named Us Mary’ is the extraordinarily moving drama set in the Pittsburgh area in the late 1980’s. The story takes place in the days following the funeral of the father of 5 in an Irish Catholic family... and chronicles the complex relationships among the family members... It is gritty, funny, and in the end, hopeful... as the daughters, all named “Mary” ...are revealed, and go forward. No simple answers here. Just honest, powerful human material.‘
~ June Murphy-Katz

Past Production
They Named Us Mary

Another Country Productions and
PS Films presented:

They Named Us Mary
at Boston Playwrights’ Theatre
949 Commonwealth Ave, Boston
January 26 - February 12
Thur - Sat at 8pm, Sundays at 3pm

$17 for general admission
$20 reserved seating
$30 for premium seating
A lottery will be held each night one hour before showtime for five $10 seats.

Reservations: Theater Mania
(search: They Named Us Mary)
Or call 866-811-4111.
Group sales and information:
call (617) 939-4846.

Boston Playwrights’ Theatre

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