Diverse Voices in Theatre
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Diverse Voices in Theater
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As Another Country has grown over the past 3 years, our seasons have included collaborations with other theater companies, experiments in aesthetic and a deeper commitment to the values of connectedness in a world that too often keeps us apart. We are moving from the realism of ten minute plays to work that includes movement, archetype and puppetry.

The Test, SuperSlam (2005)
“The hit of the week!”
~ Larry Stark
They Named Us Mary (2006)
"The most shattering moment on stage this season..."
~ Carl Rossi

They Named Us Mary (2004)

My Mother and the Nun (2005)

Company Milestones

February 2004
THEY NAMED US MARY premiers at the Devanaughn Theatre, our first full length production.

April 2005
THE TEST wins the SuperSlam Finals.

July 2005
MY MOTHER AND THE NUN is presented in a double feature with Queer Soup's INTERVIEW WITH THE 50 FOOT WOMAN.

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