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Diverse Voices in Theater

Quotes from Students:

"I've never experienced such wonderful acting in a classroom environment as I have in your class. Thanx."
~ Steve Falcone

"For years I have been told that the most important thing is to focus on the other actor and this class finally showed me how to do it."
~ Emily Evans

"I got more out of this class than I ever could have imagined. I'm more confident. You are an unbelievable teacher-—passionate, dedicated, skilled, talented and ambitious."
~ Mike Pfaff

"How do I even begin—You did wonderful job giving us equal time to work—feedback that never felt wrong—I feel SO much more confident."
~ Lisa Genova

"Working with you is a gift. Your comments are always accurate...your criticism is never discouraging. On the contrary, it's inspiring."
~ Sonia Maslovskaya

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Lyralen's Meisner classes quickly gained a strong reputation in Boston for raising the bar, helping actors to improve quickly so they can achieve more rewarding and fulfilling careers. Her classes working with movement and presence help unbind habits and increase physicality have helped actors to achieve a wider range of characters they can play and enjoy. Acting and movement classes are usually taught at the Boston Playwrights' Theatre, Brookside Studios or the Studio at Brookley Road. For more information on classes or to register email meisnerclasses@gmail.com or call 617-939-4846.

UPCOMING CLASSES in the fall of 2017:
Taught by Lyralen Kaye, Artistic Director


a 3 day intensive: $300

9/25-9/27, 7-10pmthis is an audition and career planning class that trains actors in instant memorization, creative attack and specificity, helping them to stand out in bigger auditions. Each actor leaves with an individually tailored plan for next steps in his or her career. Continued work in body truth--staying connected to your body under the pressure of audition nerves--is also part of this class. Limited to 10.

Meisner All Level Intensive

a 3 day intensive: $300

10/24-10/26, 6:30-10pm, this class meets students at their level of training. New students learn the repetition exercise and the art of authentic listening on stage and screen; intermediate students learn activities and emotional prep; advanced students work with character and physicality.  Limited to 10.

Meisner Technique Level 3: Not offered this semester
Emotional Preparation

8 Classes of 3 hours each: $400

Actors must learn to call up feelings on demand, and yet not PLAY those feelings. Bringing higher stakes and heightened emotion to the foundation work on Meisner 1 & 2, this class takes your work to a whole new level of emotional depth. Knock at the Door, Emotional Prep, High Stakes Script Analysis and Advanced Scene work will all be covered!! Limited to 12. Pre-requisite: Meisner 1 & 2 or equivalent.

Meisner Technique Level 1:
Repetition into Scenes

6 classes of 3 hours each: $300

At 20 Brookley Road in Jamaica Plain

Sandy Meisner taught actors to live truthfully in connection with each other, to be authentic, in the moment, emotionally open. This class offers a comprehensive study of all levels of the famous repetition exercise, which builds a foundation for all other training in the Meisner technique. Students learn the importance of body truth, which is the best way to deepen presence, then how to connect with each other through the famous Meisner repetition exercise, so their acting becomes fully authentic and natural on stage and screen. The final weeks of the class are spent on the immediate application of Meisner work to connected movement and to film scenes, so that students leave after only 6 weeks with an understanding of the Meisner foundation work and how it creates fully authentic and spontaneous performances.

Uplevel Your Auditions for Film and TV

A One Day Workshop $150

This is an audition class that trains actors in the standards for film and television auditions in NYC and LA (as well as Boston). Uplevel your auditions provides strategies for coming to scene auditions with attack, confidence and originality. Actors learn how to stay connected to their bodies under the pressure of audition nerves, so that auditions become more and more enjoyable and successful. Limited to 12.

TESTIMONIAL FROM ANDREA LYMAN: I have audited and taken many auditioning for film classes over the years. I find that Lyralen Kaye's class is superior in that it addresses all aspects of the on-camera audition. She takes you from entering the waiting room to slate all the way through to the "thank you" and exit. I highly recommend this class. I will take it again simply because, although I have learned some of the do's and don't's, I want to practice them on a regular basis. Lyralen Kaye rocks as a teacher and mentor to actors on all parts of their journey.

Meisner Technique Level 2:
Commitment and Attack

a 2 day intensive: $300

At the Studio at Brookley Road, Fall of 2017

What is your “A” game? Can you hit fearlessly and without doubt in auditions and performances? Once you’ve learned the authenticity and connected response in Level 1, Level 2 takes you into more risk, more high stakes, and a heightened level of play. This class: Teaches actors to release inhibitions, teaches commitment and high stakes approach to everything you do in a scene, works with advanced repetition, activities and the Knock at the Door exercise, incorporates body awareness so the Meisner technique operates on a fully physical level.

Meisner Technique Level 4:
Emotional Prep, Body Presence & Monologues

Offered in 2017, a 2 day intensive: $300
6 Classes of 3 hours each: $300

This class is all about the full on commitment, energy and purpose that being fully present in your body brings to all audition and acting work. Limited to 12.

Meisner Technique: Scenes 1

Offered in 2016, a 2 day intensive: $300
6 Classes of 3 hours each: $300

Bringing all the work of the previous classes to bear on scenes, learning to fully inhabit the world of the play or screenplay, and to play scenes with the listening and commitment of a Meisner actor is the ultimate work of the technique. Limited to 12.

High Stakes Script Analysis: Making Choices
Scenes 2

Offered in the fall of 2015, dates TBA
a 2 day intensive: $300

Actors need to learn how to see a play through their own character's point-of-view, to make extremely specific choices, and to marry their life experience to the world of the play. This class teaches actors the art of storytelling, then implements it in scene work. Limited to 12.


Truth in Movement, Embodied Connection, Creating from the Body

Each workshop is held separately and lasts for three hours

Each workshop has a slightly different focus, but all begin with mindfulness and body awareness, helping participants to become more deeply embodied and present. Truth in Movement works with moving authentically from body awareness and instinct, Embodied Connection introduces movement dialogue, working with physical impulses and the listening principles of the Meisner acting technique. Creating from the Body focuses on warming-up specific areas of the body to find movement impulses that lead away from physical habits and toward more freedom in creating original characters. Finding body truth, being alive in every moment, and connecting deeply with the many possibilities of a physical story helps actors to find more creativity and aliveness. $75 per workshop.

Creating Your Own Work: Private Coaching

Have you ever thought of developing your own one or two person show? Of telling your own story, or creating the life story of someone you admire and want to embody? Do you have a burning desire to communicate? For actors, creating your own work allows for a pure expression of your own voice as well as an opportunity to build performance skills, and can be the breakout event in a career. For writers and other artists, the same is true--but there is also a unique opportunity to embody your own story, to find meaning in living your own expression. Lyralen has performed her own one-person shows in Massachusetts, Maine and New York, is a playwright with 12 years of writing coaching and editing experience as well as her work as a Meisner & movement teacher and director. She is uniquely qualified to help actors discover deeper levels of creativity while improving their overall craft. She works with 2-4 actors each semester.

Class policies

Lyralen is a working actor in New York, Boston and Toronto. On the rare occasion in which she needs to cancel a class because of her own work, a make-up will be rescheduled. If you can't attend the make-up, a private session or a refund for that class session will be provided. If you need to withdraw from the class, a full refund will be provided up to 10 days before class starts. After that, a credit, good for 6 months, toward the next workshop you take will be provided, less a $50 cancellation fee. If Lyralen can fill your spot, she will refund your tuition less the fee.

About Meisner

In the 1930's, Stella Adler, Lee Strasburg and Sanford Meisner graduated from the Group Theater. Each developed his or her own method for teaching acting, based on the work of Konstantin Stanislavsky. The Meisner approach, centered on the famous repetition exercise, teaches actors how to "live truthfully under imaginary circumstances." Both rigorous and profoundly simple, it is a technique designed to help actors discover new levels of authenticity and true emotion. It is a necessity in film work and in truly connected theater.

About Lyralen:
Lyralen Kaye, SAG-AFTRA, AEA, has been a teacher since 1986. She has taught acting, improvisation, playwriting, poetry, slam poetry techniques, fiction and creative non-fiction. She studied the Meisner Technique with Fred Kareman at Carnegie Hall while getting her MFA in Theatre at Sarah Lawrence College. Since returning to Boston from New York, she has developed her own approach to the technique, incorporating improvisation, script analysis and movement theory into the fundamentals of Meisner.

To learn more about Lyralen herself visit her website.

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