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Diverse Voices in Theater
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Another Country Production's mission is to create a new standard of excellence in theater and film through an absolute commitment to diverse, innovative and multicultural work. Named for the James Baldwin novel that examines relationships across race and gender preference, we are committed to producing new and underrepresented voices and to being a catalyst for inclusion in Boston. In addition, our aesthetic for performance and writing is based on both the Meisner technique as well as the collaborative and improvisational techniques used in group theater, helping actors, directors and playwrights to define new relationships with each other and their community.

Company Milestones

October 2003
The First Slam is produced at the Boston Playwright's Theatre.

January 2004
Lyralen offers her first INTRODUCTION TO MEISNER one day workshop.

February 2004
The first production of THEY NAMED US MARY happens at the Devanaughn Theatre.

May 2004
The Rental wins the first Super SLAMBoston at the Jimmy Tingle's Theater.

January 2005
Lyralen offers her first 2 eight week classes in the Meisner Technique.

March 2005
The first all Meisner SLAMBoston is performed at the Devanaughn Theatre.

April 2005
The Test by Paula Caplan wins the 2nd Super SLAMBoston.

June 2005
The Another Country Meisner Ensemble is formed.

January 2006
PS Films, Inc. commissions a 2nd production of THEY NAMED US MARY, performed at the Boston Playwrights Theatre

April 2006
Handbag by Erin Blackwell wins the 2006 Super Slam.

November 2008
Another Country collaborates with Company One to bring SLAMBoston to the Boston Center for the Arts

SLAMBoston is franchised for the first time...now 5 Boston companies have franchised the legally trademarked event.

May 2010
Another Country collaborates with the Factory Theatre to produce Betrayal at the Boston Center for the Arts

Points of View and SLAMBoston are produced at the Boston Playwrights Theatre; SLAMBoston is also produced at the Factory Theatre


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